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7cm x 4cm Sublimation Keyring - Jig Rectangle

7cm x 4cm Sublimation Keyring - Jig Rectangle

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7cm x 4cm Sublimation Rectangle Keyring Jig

Our 7cm x 4cm sublimation keyring jig allows for more more accurate printing.

Manufactured from plywood, the  7cm x 4cm rectangle keyring Jig is designed to print 16 sublimation keyrings out of a single A4 sheet.

Our sublimation jig allows for more more accurate printing and increases productivity.

Manufactured from plywood, the sublimation Jig is designed to hold 16 - 7cm x 4cm keyrings printed on one single A4 sheet.

We have shown one keyring in place so you can see how well they fit into place

This will help speed up your production by allowing 16 sublimation keyrings to be placed into the sublimation jig with the A4 paper template area shown to help line up when pressing

These jigs work well with our range of rectangular for keyrings

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