About Us - Sublimania, who we are and what we do...


 We are based in beautiful Pembrokeshire in West Wales.

The Company has been involved with sublimation printing and supply since 2004 , so we do have a fair bit of knowledge about the printing and process of personalising sublimation giftware - if we can help, just ask.

We are lucky enough to work with many artists and print companies supplying our range of printable blanks across the UK ONLY.

At present we don't really tackle sales outside of the UK market place

Sublimania are suppliers of blank MDF sublimation coasters , MDF sublimation keyrings, MDF sublimation placemats plus other gifts we think are handy to stock for personalisation

 If you have any questions or need any help, just call us on 07966 866 840 or drop a line to sales@muglamania.com

We offer free delivery on all orders to mainland UK on sublimania.com.


Sublimation process tips

We do recommend that you sublimate in a well ventilated room to allow heat and any fumes caused during the sublimation process to escape

We always press sublimation products in a ventilated room, as all sublimation products have a polymer coating to enable the transfer of ink images during the heat sublimation process as images are in effect ‘burned onto the substrate’

Plus there are a few other reasons a vapour or smell can occur:

  • Dirty heating element
  • Type of inks used
  • Type of sublimation paper used
  • Length of pressing and heat temp
  • Residue on the heat platens


The whole sublimation process relies on heat and this does produce some small amount of carbon dioxide ,plus its always worth making sure you use gloves as items do get hot and that you keep you heat press clean and free from any residue on the heat plates.

Always use caution when handling hot materials. Make sure you wear gloves and always have a fire extinguisher nearby in case of an accident


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